assured growth 

Teak grows 8-12 times in volume and value over the 15 year harvest cycle. Unlike property or other commodities, teak grows through good or bad economic times and is therefore a good inflation proof investment. 


invest from $2,000 * 16% annual roi * approx. return $16,890


Our guarantee in case of early termination or cancellation; if for any reason you need to sell your holdings prior to maturity date, we will buy them back based on the current value of the holdings.

This is an irreplaceable effort aimed to protect one of Earth's most precious natural habitats: the Tropical Rainforest.

​At the same time, you will secure your financial future by investing in a high-return asset that has risen steadily in price for the past 200 years.

YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.We care about biodiversity and the natural jungle flora; we contribute  to reduce deforestation of the tropical rainforest by developing teak plantations only in vacant deforested areas in Ecuador.